mulligatawny soupI love soups and when I am watching my weight they keep me feeling satisfied longer than other meals.  A hot bowl of soup is one of my favorite lunches and also for Sunday night dinners.  With a crock pot or slow cooker you too can be a soup expert.

The base of every great soup is a good meat or vegetable stock.  Also use the best ingredients you can for your soups, and if you can make your own stock with fresh ingredients.

Cooking soups the slow way brings out the flavors of the ingredients you are using.  With the slow cooking the crock pot makes soup making easy as well as there are usually only one or two steps to making a great soup.

Vegetarian soups are becoming some of my favorite crock pot recipes lately with split peas, pumpkin or potato to thicken them.  I find these soups also improve in flavor the next day.  A vegetable soup make in the crock pot or slow cooker is also healthy and usually low fat.

Seasoning soups is easy with ingredients such as bay leaves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and the addition of herbs like parsley, thyme, mint and other seasonal fresh herbs.  Thicken your soup with potato, arrowroot or cornflour or take some soup out and blend, then add back for a natural thickening.  I tend to the latter a lot with vegetable soups.

To reduce fat even more from your slow cooked soups allow to cool and skim off any fat from the top.  When heating soups only heat what you need and not the whole pot, and freeze in individual or family size servings if possible.  When you freeze your soups this way they are ready in the future for use instead of a fast food meal when you are busy or when you need an entree to add to a meal.

Served with crusty bread,  a bowl of steaming soup is the perfect meal and making your soup in the crock pot makes the process easy for you as well.

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