These are some of my tips for safe crock pot cooking.

<b>dice your vegetables</b>

dice your vegetables

DO thaw out your meat and chicken before cooking.  It will then cook evenly and thoroughly.

DONT overfill the crock pot.  Only use to 3/4 filled.

Meat cooks faster than vegetables so DO dice your vegetables, onions can be grated.  I chop my vegetables finely and I find they cook just right.   With potato and sweet potato chop into small chunks but not as finely as carrots for instance.

DONT leave food in the crock pot to cool down.  Put it in another sealed contained and refrigerate as soon as possible.  If you have a removable crock this is easier to do.

DO keep your ingredients refrigerated until you are ready to use them.  This applies especially to meats and fish.

DONT look into the crock pot as you lift the lid.  Escaping steam may burn you. Lifting the lid will also add more cooking time to your recipe.  If you have to see how things are cooking or to adjust flavors then do so quickly and with care.

DONT use red kidney beans from their raw state in the crock pot.  Soak and boil first or use the canned ones.

DO follow recommended cooking times and the manufacturer's instructions.

DONT reheat food in the crock pot.

If possible DO add hot liquids instead of cold

If you follow these tips then you will be cooking safely with your crock  pot .  I think that the most important rule above is the one about not overfilling the crock pot so please take note of that one in particular.

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