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Beef and Carrots Crock Pot

This beef and healthy carrots crock pot recipe is a low cost one except for the beef but because it is slow cooked you can use the cheapest cuts for this. I like to cook this recipe on low because it give the meat time to tenderize. It's a traditional kind of recipe and you can jazz it up to your tastes fairly easily.   You can set and forget these kind of crock pot meals and I often will cook this on a Sunday morning and let it cook all day.  I then have a meal for Monday night dinner as well.

beef and carrots crock potBeef and Carrots Crock Pot

12 oz (600g)  cubed round steak or gravy beef
1 tab flour
small onion sliced and chopped
clove garlic, crushed
splash of oil
2 tomatoes, diced
3 large carrots, sliced
1/2 cup red wine
1 cup beef stock
2 tabs parsley
salt and pepper
extra parsley for garnish

Brown the onion and garlic in a non stick pan with the splash of oil then add the meat which has been coated in the flour.  Continue to cook for a minute or two then add the tomatoes, wine, stock, and parsley.  Transfer to the crock pot and cook on low for 7 - 8 hours.  You can thicken with a little more flour mixed with some water if needed.  Sprinkle the extra parsley when serving.  I like this recipe served with mashed potatoes and extra vegetables.

This is a nice warming meal on a cold night or a great family meal.  Beef and carrots crock pot is one of my favorite old time recipes and I hope you like it too.

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Crock Pot Dinners are Popular Again

I love crock pot dinners as you now and it has surprised me to realize that it has only been in the last few years that slow cooking has become so popular again.

I started cooking in my crock pot in the 1970s, yes I am that old I hear you thinking.  I put it away again but got it out when I found it again when I moved house.  I was working back then as I am now and I am still singing the praise of slow cooking.

In the last 2 years I have noticed in grocery stores the emergence of crock pot/slow cooker mixes.  You add your meat or chicken and one or two other ingredients with the packet mix and you have your crock pot dinner ready to cook.

I have used them once or twice when I was really busy but prefer to work from one of my own recipes as then I know exactly what  is in it that I am serving my family.  Their popularity though tells me that there is a market now that wasn't there or big enough before.

People have discovered the great taste that slow cooking brings to the dish and how simple it is to make.  Another benefit is the small amount of clean up required.  If you are working then you know you want to relax as much as you can when you come home and not be in the kitchen.

How nice it is to know that dinner is cooking itself while you are at work or away from home all day.  I am glad that others are now finding how convenient crock pot dinners are and how great they taste too.

If you haven't joined the crock pot revolution then now is the time!  Crock pot dinners will change the way you cook and how you spend your time when you are home from a hard day's work.

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Slow Cookers have come a long way since their introduction in 1970. Back then choices were pretty simple;  one with a ceramic insert, one lid option, and one slow cooker color. Today our options are nearly endless. We can even purchase slow cooker replacement parts for our favorite cooker.

There are many options available in slow cookers.  The shape of the crock pot inserts can be round or oval.  Slow cooker lids can be a traditional lid or come with a clamp ensuring a spill free trip.  Accessories to assist in cooking include; a meat rack in a variety of sizes and styles, stainless steel forks and tongs, non-scratch slotted ladles, additional non scratch utensils are also available for your crock pot.

Slow Cookers certainly make entertaining easy. Use the Rival 5-Quart Slow Cooker with Little Dipper to cook, warm and serve all at once (great for parties). Purchase additional slow cooker inserts for additional servings with a large crowd.

No longer do we have to worry about our dishes spilling out as we travel. You can purchase crock pot lids which make the crock pots easily transportable with a clamp lid. Already have a slow cooker? You can purchase a Crock Pot Travel Bag for large or small crock pots.  Any messes that may occur will be contained in the travel case not all over your vehicle or clothes.

Check out the full line of slow cooker replacement parts,  inserts and clamping  lids in stores and online. You will find a full line of products to meet your every slow cooking need.

Slow Cookers certainly have made making a great dinner in these busy times easy. But what do you do if you lose or break a lid, crock or other accessory for your slow cooker?  Manufactures have made even that easy and convenient.

I have now included an auction at this site to help you find  the slow cooker and replacement parts you need, just CLICK HERE to go there.

There is never a better time to purchase or update your crock pot than now. Enjoy an easy and delicious dinner tonight and know if accidents happen and you break something you can easy replace it.

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Slow Cooker Boiled Fruit Cake with Pineapple

boiledfruitcakeI love fruit cake and this recipe is one of the simplest ones around.  Boiled fruit cake is easy to make and tastes good too and with the addition of some glace pineapple it adds to the sweet taste of the cake.

This cake may not look it but I cooked it in a cake tin in the slow cooker.  You get a nice cake and keep the kitchen cool as well.  I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE:  For a Christmas cake version make the amendments in orange below.

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