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Use Healthy and Low Fat Crock Pot Recipes

I have a goal for 2009 and that is to lose some weight, but eating healthy and low-fat can be very difficult nowadays. We don't have time to cook and don't even have time to go to a good restaurant. The result of this is eating fast foods or snacks and putting on weight. The more unhealthy food we eat, the less good health we have and I have to watch my cholesterol as well these days. But it is possible to eat cook and eat healthy without spending lots of time by using low fat crock pot recipes in our crock pot slow cooker.

This year I am going to think about my health, and try cooking healthy and low-fat food with my crock pot.

A lot of crock pot recipes use canned food and other prepared mixes, but there are diet crock pot
recipes, that have low sodium and low fat ingredients that will make your food taste better with healthy choices. Use low fat crock pot recipes that have fresh ingredients where possible.  Also, trim skin and fat from all the meats you use for cooking, and try using fresh, instead of canned vegetables (when in season) for a healthy recipe alternative.

A few examples of low fat crock pot recipes that you can try:

Pork Roast with Vegetables
This a slow cooking recipe, which takes about 25-30 minutes to prepare. Includes boneless pork roast, vegetable oil, peeled sweet potatoes, acorn squash, apple butter, horseradish, corn and spices. The dish is cooked in the crock pot for about 7 to 9 hours until the pork and vegetables are tender and it tastes delicious.

Beef Stew in Crock Pot
Another diet crock pot recipe that has only five ingredients and only 20 minutes of preparation time is this one and you have a great low-fat and healthy dish ready to cook. Includes beef, potatoes, tomatoes,  peppers and onions, spices and salt. Cook on low in the crock pot for about 7-8 hours. Thicken with a little flour if needed.

Tender Chicken with Apples
One more of the low fat crock pot recipes that is prepared in 20-25 minutes and cooked about 7 hours on low. Combine orange juice, garlic, onion, chicken breasts, sliced apples, spices.

I will be posting some more low fat crock pot recipes in more detail in the next few weeks. These healthy recipes will help you stay in shape, and cooking with the low fat and diet crock pot recipes will save you time in the kitchen without sacrificing a healthy dinner.

For great recipes RIGHT NOW then buy a great COOKBOOK at AMAZON by Judith Finlayson called The Healthy Slow Cooker.

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Easy Crock Pot Apple and Lemon Sponge Dessert

apple-lemon-dessertThis apple and lemon sponge dessert recipe is perfect for pot luck parties and entertaining at home.  It is also an easy crock pot recipe even for the beginner cook so if you are looking for an easy dessert this is it.  You can cook and serve this dessert straight from your crock pot slow cooker or you can insert another dish into the pot and remove when cooked.  I cheat a little by using a cake mix for the sponge but if you prefer you can make your own.

Easy Crock Pot Apple and Lemon Sponge Dessert

1 packet butter cake mix
15 oz (440g) canned apple slices
3 tabs sultanas
1 tab grated lemon rind
2 tabs honey warmed
1 tab lemon juice
icing sugar (optional)

You need to make up the cake mix as per the directions on the packet.  They are all different so please follow this step correctly.  Place all the rest of the ingredients except the icing sugar into a large jug or bowl and mix together and combine well.  Spread the mixture over the greased base of the crock bot bowl or you can use Slow Cooker Liners for no mess afterward.

Spoon over the cake mixture and place several sheets of paper towel over the top, making sure that the towel doesn't touch the mixture.  Place the lid on the crock pot and turn to high and cook for 3 hours approximately.  Check to see if cooked as sponge will spring back at a touch.   Serve with a dusting of icing sugar and a dab of cream or ice cream.

Try this easy crock pot recipe and let me know what you think about the taste as I'm sure you will agree its pleasantly different, a bit of a twist on the standard apple sponge.  This is my favorite dessert recipe at the moment for the family or when I'm entertaining.
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New Crock Pot present

NewCrockPotI was given a new crock pot by my friend - please see the pic to the left.  To find a toy crock pot must mean that they are considered an ordinary part of the kitchen.

It only has an off-and-on button so it is a basic model :)   I wonder if you can get a programmable one?  It already has food in it and must be the vegetarian model.  It's fortunate that I like carrots, broccoli and zucchini.

Note though the words on the front though of  'smart home' and I suppose that says it all.  All smart homes should have a crock pot.  The switch does work and the little vegetables move up and down when the switch is on the 'on' position.

My friend has a good sense of humor and I am thankful that I have such a friend.  This is just a bit of fun and life and cooking should be fun.

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Pineapple upside down cake

This pineapple upside down cake is one of my recipes that I have adapted for the crock pot .  I can let it cook while I'm out shopping or in the yard, gardening and I have a dessert cake for afternoon tea or for dinner.  I used a 7 - 8 inch cake tin that fits into my crock pot but you don't need to if  yours has a removable liner.  I just find it easier to turn the cake out onto a plate without it sticking.

4 rings of sliced pineapple
2 oz (60 g) butter, melted
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tablspn dessicated coconut (optional)
6 red glace cherries
Cake Mix:
2 oz (60 g) soft butter
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 egg
1/4 teasp vanilla essence
1 1/4 cups Self Raising Flour
1/2 cup milk

Pour the melted butter into the crock pot base and sprinkle over the brown sugar.  Arrange the pineapple rings over the top with the glace cherries. If your crock pot base is oval cutting the pineapple will help to arrange it more evenly.

To make up the cake mix cream the butter and caster sugar until light and then beat in the egg and vanilla, mixing well.  Sift the flour and fold into the batter alternatively with the milk.  Pour into the crock pot slow cooker over the pineapple base.  Cover with several paper towels and cook on high for 1.5 hours.  Don't open the lid until cooking nearly finished.  Turn onto serving plate while still very warm so the topping doesn't stick to the base of the pot.

Serve the pineapple upside down cake with a dab of cream or ice cream for a dessert or just warmed up with a cup of tea or coffee.

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