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Cooking crock pot meals in summer

crock pot mealsI don't know about you but I hate cooking in summer if it means the kitchen becomes a hot and unbearable.  I will often cook at night to avoid a hot kitchen until I started cooking with my crock pot.  Unlike a conventional oven it leaves the kitchen cool but you can get a break from salads with great crock pot meals.

The crock pot gives off so much less heat so if you want to keep your kitchen cooler in summer then get out that crock pot you put away last winter.  If you can cook it in the oven or on a cook top you probably can cook it in the crock pot too.  Besides casseroles and soups you can cook roasts and desserts and even cakes and make great crock pot meals.

There are other benefits too like cutting down on electricity not only from cooking but on the air conditioner trying to keep your house cool.  You can plan ahead and start your dinner cooking early in the morning when its cooler and have it ready for the evening.

There are also so many great recipes now for the crock pot including  my own of course.  You can get the vegetarian recipes here on the site by clicking on the image in the top right hand corner or you can get my books on Kindle.  Click on the link here for my Kindle Author Page to see them.

The last reason for using the crock pot in summer is the easy clean up.  Don't spend your precious time cleaning pots and pans when you can have only one pot to clean up.  You have too many more enjoyable things to do in summer than clean.

Get your crock pot out again and start keeping your kitchen cool and enjoy your crock pot meals!

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Take your crock pot with you

I love to go to Pot Luck Parties and family gatherings where I take along a dish I have made to contribute to the meal.  The crock pots that have a lock down lid and handles make it easy to move the crock pot meal to your destination.   Slow Cooker Liners are good too as you can tie the contents up and then replace the lid so you wont spill any of the contents.

You can also buy a Crock Pot Travel Bag and this helps with transporting the hot crock pot as well.  There are two sizes so check that your crock pot will fit before buying.  Have you ever dropped a dish while trying to carry it?    I did, and it was one of my favorites that couldn't be replaced so don't let his happen to you.

I love being with family and friends and the crock pot is a great boon for when I am asked to 'take a plate'.  No fuss cooking, a great crock pot meal and no fuss carrying as well.   Making and taking your crock pot meal also helps the hostess/host with one less dish to heat in the oven.  I know my oven would not take more than about 4 casserole size dishes.

Crock pot meals make good choices for when you need to supply a meal so take your crock pot with you.

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Slow Cookers have come a long way since their introduction in 1970. Back then choices were pretty simple;  one with a ceramic insert, one lid option, and one slow cooker color. Today our options are nearly endless. We can even purchase slow cooker replacement parts for our favorite cooker.

There are many options available in slow cookers.  The shape of the crock pot inserts can be round or oval.  Slow cooker lids can be a traditional lid or come with a clamp ensuring a spill free trip.  Accessories to assist in cooking include; a meat rack in a variety of sizes and styles, stainless steel forks and tongs, non-scratch slotted ladles, additional non scratch utensils are also available for your crock pot.

Slow Cookers certainly make entertaining easy. Use the Rival 5-Quart Slow Cooker with Little Dipper to cook, warm and serve all at once (great for parties). Purchase additional slow cooker inserts for additional servings with a large crowd.

No longer do we have to worry about our dishes spilling out as we travel. You can purchase crock pot lids which make the crock pots easily transportable with a clamp lid. Already have a slow cooker? You can purchase a Crock Pot Travel Bag for large or small crock pots.  Any messes that may occur will be contained in the travel case not all over your vehicle or clothes.

Check out the full line of slow cooker replacement parts,  inserts and clamping  lids in stores and online. You will find a full line of products to meet your every slow cooking need.

Slow Cookers certainly have made making a great dinner in these busy times easy. But what do you do if you lose or break a lid, crock or other accessory for your slow cooker?  Manufactures have made even that easy and convenient.

I have now included an auction at this site to help you find  the slow cooker and replacement parts you need, just CLICK HERE to go there.

There is never a better time to purchase or update your crock pot than now. Enjoy an easy and delicious dinner tonight and know if accidents happen and you break something you can easy replace it.

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A Slow Cooker Potluck Recipe for the Non Cook

You have been asked to a Potluck Party and you can’t cook.  What do you do?  If you own a crock pot or slow cooker you have the problem solved. You need to prepare the dish in advance and be able to carry it to the party so the pot is perfect for this.

Traditional dishes like casseroles and chili are good choices.  Dishes don’t have to be fancy and the recipe doesn’t need to be complicated.  Mark your crock pot slow cooker with your name so you can identify it afterward.  You might be surprised how many people will bring them and then you will know which one is yours when it has been cleaned.

A great easy recipe for a non cook and one that has very little preparation time is this chili one below:

Crock pot chili

16 oz can kidney beans, drained well
2 cans (14 oz) tomatoes
2 pounds ground beef
2 medium onions, chopped finely
1 green pepper, coarsely chopped
2 gloves garlic, crushed
3 tabs chilli power
1 teasp pepper
1 teasp cumin
salt to taste
Put all the ingredients in the crock pot or slow cooker in the order listed.  Stir once, cover and cook on low for 10 hours or high for 5 hours. Serve with shredded cheddar cheese, corn bread or corn chips.

Tip:  Take copies of the recipe with you so others can check the ingredients if they have allergies.  They will love this dish so much they will want a copy of it and it says to others 'hey I really can cook' (hehe).

Have fun at your potluck party and I'm sure you will now be hooked on how easy it is to cook with the slow cooker.  No matter what level of cook you are there is a slow cooker recipe for you.

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